Top Five

    Top 5 women who were kicked out of airplane due to their outfit

    Several women have been kicked off an airplane because of their outfit: deep neckline or revealing their boobs.

    Top 5 African innovations to fight against the Coronavirus

    Some countries in Africa have made great innovations that help stop the spreading of the virus. Those innovations have significant…

    Top 5 richest cities in Africa

    South Africa’s economic capital, Johannesburg, is said to be the richest city in Africa. The second place is also occupied…

    Death during lovemaking! Top 5 people that died at the scene

    I’m not sure that this will be the best way to die. You are there, swinging forward, enjoying coordinated sezx…

    Atheist is Devil’s apparatus: 5 ways Africans misjudge Atheism

    Are you an atheist? Africa is not really a growing place for you. Everything is anchored in a religious belief.

    Top 5 misconceptions about Rastafarian beliefs (They aren’t ganja smokers)

    When the word “Rastafarian” sound in some people hear, they think of men of Ganja smokers or people with dreadlocks.
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