14-year-old boy gets firearm and asks people where he can buy bullets

The police of the RIHO zone picked up a 14-year-old Belgian of Russian origin in the eve, who had just picked up a firearm at the station in Roeselare.

The teenager spoke to several people at the busbars who were waiting. “He showed them the weapon and asked where he could buy bullets,” says Commissioner Carl Vyncke.

“The young man was quiet and nobody threatened. He got on the bus to Ypres.” One of the bystanders called the police promptly.

“One of our motorized colleagues could put the bus in the Meiboomlaan aside. He forced the young man to step out. In anticipation of the arrival of a patrol, the young man was handcuffed and he had to sit on his knees.”

The teenager was transferred to the main commissioner and has since been made available to the youth judge.

Source: HLN



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