Four men decided to get undressed to compare the size of their pen!s and ask if “it’s better when it’s big”.

Men who saw each other for the first time, got undressed as part of a new show called Show Me Your Junk. The goal of the show is to break the stigma around the human body. Of the four men, two had large junk, while the other two were medium-sized men.

Well-endowed men, Rome and Jerrell, compared their gender to Kenneth and Nick, who are average-sized. Before removing their bathrobe, they talked about their pen!s and even massaged it so that the blood circulates. Nick even revealed that he won the “Smallest Pen!s” contest in Brooklyn (USA) in 2013. When asked how happy he is with this size, he answers “totally happy”.

“I’ve heard this question in the past, it’s like asking you if you’re not happy because you’re short or tall, it does not matter.”

“That’s how I am, how I was born. It’s natural, what I am and it suits me.”

Rome, who is well endowed, revealed that he had been told that he had a “big toy”, and that it was 19 cm away the last time he checked.

When they finally undressed, Rome complimented Kenneth by saying that he had a “carved body,” while Kenneth responded to Rome saying that his hair had a “beautiful appearance.” When asked what sexual positions they find friendlier, Kenneth reveals that his preference is anal.

The men even went so far as to give pen!s nicknames. Kenneth opts for the “right-winger,” as Rome’s “right-hand curves,” while Rome calls it “scintillating.”

The show was recommended by the New York Post and was described as follows: “A new series that proves that we are all human. Strangers of different shapes and sizes get undressed and honestly discuss body image, body positivity and self-confidence.”


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