“All pets on a leash are welcome,” then couple come in with bull

“All pets on a leash are welcome” is the policy of the American pet store Petco. A couple from Texas wanted to test a local branch in Houston. And so Shelly Lumpkin and Vincent Browning went there, laughing, with their Oliver Watusi on a leash.

To their great surprise, the pet, an African bull with huge horns, was received “with open arms” in the Petco, the couple said on Facebook. “The staff here are always super friendly and polite to us. We really like to come here. It is by far our favorite Petco.”

Not a bad advertisement for the pet shop in the Texan Atascocita near Houston. The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 560,000 times.

Vincent Browning trains Oliver for rodeos and other shows. You can hire an African Watusi. His exact weight is unknown but can go up to 725 kg. Oliver has had his own Facebook page for four years.

"All pets on a leash are welcome," then couple come in with bull
©FaceBook/Vincent Browning
"All pets on a leash are welcome," then couple come in with bull
©FaceBook/Vincent Browning



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