“Avengers” writers confuse with alternative script: “Is Loki dead or not?”

The writers of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ took extreme measures to prevent the plot of the film from leaking. For example, they wrote several alternative scripts that did not only confuse potential click chips, but also the well-meaning crew members.

Almost the entire crew of the film believed that Loki, a popular character played by Tom Hiddleston, would survive. When people started to film the scene in which Thor’s brother was made a little smaller, many employees did not know what happened to them.

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“We had to explain to everyone: sorry, we killed him”, producer Trinh Tran confesses. “Not everyone was happy with that. Not only plot-wise, but also because they had been searching for certain pieces of the set that simply were not there.”

In a false version of the script Loki escapes in a small spaceship. The leak of the false script, however, still makes some fans suspect that the character is still alive, but that will only be revealed in the next movie.



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