These bad habits that make you gain weight

Weight is a datum interpreted differently in Africa and in Europe. In whites, keeping their line is synonymous with good health while in Africa, it’s quite the opposite.

On the black continent, to have curves, it is to be well nourished, even if besides, there is the risk of diabetes or arterial hypertension.
The weight gain is the happiness of some while for others, it is a nightmare.

In this article, we reveal the habits that make you win.

Do not have breakfast

The first meal of the day is also the most important. Breakfast is often ignored, it can be full of energy to hold until lunch. According to Dr. Sprung, “Not having breakfast, for example because we do not have the time, is not beneficial. Around 11 am, hypoglycemia occurs. So, you have to eat something around 10-11 in the office.”

To skip breakfast is to disrupt the internal clock and destabilize the blood sugar. This can lead to weight gain.

Gulp cereal for breakfast

Even if you do not skip the first meal of the day, you should still choose the right foods. Supermarket cereals are too sweet and so are quickly assimilated. This makes it feel hungry well before 11 o’clock.

For Nathalie Sprung, “we must ban the puffed and sweet cereals. Instead, you can take muesli or oatmeal. She advises that you should also avoid croissants, raisin breads and other pastries and prefer bread, butter and proteins such as yoghurt, an egg or a slice of ham.

Eat at Fast-food

For nutritionist Sprung, “junk food comes from the industrialization of products”. She ensures that you have to take the time to prepare meals with fresh produce.

“You have to take as few manufactured products as possible and prepare as much as possible by yourself,” advises the nutritionist. She said that these products are full of sugar and salt.



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