A bare Trump statue sold for $28,000

A statue of Donald Trump, naked and paunchy, was awarded $28,000 in Los Angeles.

According to the auction house Julien, the buyer is Zak Bagans, investigator on paranormal issues.

This work called “The Emperor has no balls” is the creation of an anarchist collective of the West Coast of the United States.

This is probably the only remaining copy of the 45th US president depicted in the simplest device that escaped destruction, confiscated and was not vandalized.

The authorities have put forward regulations prohibiting “any unauthorized erection in public parks, as small as it is”.

These creations appeared in August 2016 in public places in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Cleveland, while the candidacy of Donald Trump then aroused skepticism but an interest beyond the borders.

A Hollywood gallery, La Luz de Jesus, had managed to get hold of the statue before it was confiscated and melted.

Acquirer Zak Bagans, a television personality, intends to exhibit this plump Donald Trump at his haunted museum in Las Vegas, according to a statement from Julien.



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