Here are the benefits of sleeping naked in your bed!

Sleep is essential for better health, the proof, the doctors recommend us 8h of sleep a day to be at the top of our form.

However there are some people who like to sleep with light clothes, others prefer to marry the softness of their furry bed for several reasons. This is what happens when you sleep with hair.

1-Increases the feeling of well-being

According to the doctors, sleeping with hair helps to improve the flow of your blood system. Blood circulates better in your body and fights against sleep disorders.

2-Regulates stress hormones

The stress hormone produces nervousness and tension called “cortisol”, the stress hormone develops the feeling of hunger when the body temperature is too high. To keep it in low temperature it is better to sleep naked. Sleeping naked, even if you are hot, the risk of increasing your blood pressure is low.

3-Regulates the body temperature

Sleeping with clothes causes sleep disturbances, even bad day sleep disorder since you have not properly rested at night. It seems that while sleeping, the temperature of the body drops, which is quite normal. So to avoid disrupting the functioning of your body during sleep, do not wear clothes.

4-Liberates sleep hormones

If your melatonin level is balanced your sleep will be more restful. How to create a good level of melatonin with the lighting and temperature of your room? To have a perfect level of melatonin, you must be naked and sleep in a darkened room whose temperature does not exceed 21°C.

5-Strengthen relationships

Sleeping naked with his/her partner creates a more cuddly and sweet atmosphere. This atmosphere that brings you easily to one another breaks the barriers of embarrassment.



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