Beware, a dangerous malware spy on your messages and photos

A new malware is currently attacking Android smartphones, according to a new study.

Designed by a band of Indian hackers, the malware aims to spy on your personal data, such as your SMS, your contacts, your photos, your browsing history or your location.

“A campaign targeting Android, Windows and some iPhone smartphones was first spotted in India,” say Cisco’s Talos Threat Intelligence Unit’s on cyber security researchers.

To force a user to install an invisible spyware, hackers remotely open pop-up windows on a smartphone, explains the report of the firm.

“At the moment, we do not know how the hackers so infiltrate on a phone,” regret the researchers, who suggest that physical access may be necessary at first.

The pop-up window will look like a Facebook, WhatsApp or Chrome window to lull your mistrust.

By clicking on this window, you will trigger the installation of the malware on your smartphone.

Once infiltrated into your terminal, the malware will scrupulously harvest all the data contained on your device.

This private data will then be transferred to a remote server.

“Information shared on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram is also affected,” says the report.

According to the researchers, the malware is also able to collect data from your Google, Yahoo or Amazon account.

For the moment, the exact extent of the attack is still unknown.

Recall that not less than 1.2 million malware was spotted on Android in 2018.

To limit the risks, researchers advise to update your smartphone as regularly as possible.



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