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Bizarre: referee ‘scores’ against Harkemase Boys

A particularly unfortunate moment for referee Maurice Paarhuis this afternoon. The referee, who led the game in the third division between Harkemase Boys and Hoek, mistakenly produced the connection goal after 66 minutes on behalf of the visitors. The remarkable moment caused hilarity and annoyance at Harkemase Boys.

Hoek looked at a 3-1 deficit after more than an hour. The danger seemed averted when midfielder Rik Impens shot the ball on the post, but via the shin of arbitrator Paarhuis the ball ended up behind the goal line. The referee becomes so-called ‘dead element’, so Paarhuis couldn’t help but approve the goal: 3-2.

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Some shocked players from Harkema got a story from the referee after the incident, but that didn’t make any sense. The goal was not decisive: Harkemase Boys closed the season with a 4-2 win over Hoek.



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