Blac Chyna goes on the fist with Kid Buu during vacation on Hawaii

Blac Chyna and her new friend Kid Buu have had a big fight during a vacation in Hawaii. The mood was so high that police and an ambulance were involved.

According to TMZ, the two started quarrelling on Monday, when Chyna accused her Kid Buu of cheating. That would have completely escalated, with the Blac Chyna scratching her friend. Kid Buu then has pushed her against a wall and grabbed her throat.

In the end, none of the two fighter bosses were injured. Kid Buu placed a Spanish-speaking tweet after the incident, in which he said that he would not be allowed to play “because I’m a grown-up guy.”

TMZ also reports that Chyna had not reported her trip to the archipelago to her ex-husband Rob Kardashian. He would have been standing in front of a closed door when he was about to drop their two-year-old daughter Dream with her on Saturday.



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