A new study claims that black men deceive more than any other race of men in a romantic relationship and claims to have data to prove it.

In addition to gender and age, the study shows that the rate of infidelity varies with a number of demographic and social factors.

The study says infidelity is a bit more common among black adults. Some 22% of married black men reported cheating on their partner, compared with 16% of Whites and 13% of Hispanics. And among black men, the rate is highest: 28% reported having sezx with someone other than their spouse, compared to 20% of white men and 16% of Hispanic men.

In general, men are more likely than women to cheat: 20% of men and 13% of women reported having sezx with someone other than their spouse when they were married, according to recent general social survey data.

The report of the study adds that, the political identity, family history and religious activity of a person are also related to whether they cheat or not.

Overall, adults who did not grow up in intact families and those who rarely or never attend religious services are more likely than others to have cheated on their spouse.

For example, 15% of adults who grew up with both biological parents cheated on their spouse before, compared with 18% of those who did not grow up in intact families.


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