The brand new statue of Melania Trump: “Scarecrow”

After statues by Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohammed Salah had gotten the laughers in hand in recent years, it is now Melania Trump’s turn to sink through. A wooden statue was unveiled in her Slovenian hometown Sevnica, but not everyone is equally enthusiastic.

The reason is clear: not because Melania would not be loved in Sevnica – there are already Melaniacakes, Melania slippers, and Melania honey – because the similarity with the American First Lady is hard to find.

Indeed, a lot of imagination is needed to see the features of the former top model in the life-sized wooden statue – with a chainsaw carved from a tree.

“Scarecrow” is the most common description on the internet for the statue of a Melania dressed in a blue suit. The image was conceived by the American artist Brad Downey, who called in the local artist Ales ‘Maxi’ Zupevc for the carving. According to him, this is the first monument of Melania in the world.

Despite the criticism, he is “in the clouds” about the artwork.

The brand new statue of Melania Trump: “Scarecrow”
The brand new statue of Melania Trump: “Scarecrow”
The brand new statue of Melania Trump: “Scarecrow”



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