Can coronavirus spread through tears? “Low risk”

If a person infected with Covid-19 sneezes or coughs, he spreads the virus through the tiny droplets during a cough or sneeze, we know by now. Can the virus also circulate through other body fluids such as tears?

“Unlikely,” says a study in the scientific journal Ophthalmology, “provided the person does not have ocular inflammation.” A symptom that only occurs in 1 to 3 percent of the number of corona patients. Therefore a low risk.

Scientists from the National University Hospital of Singapore collected tear samples from seventeen Covid-19 patients throughout their illness for the study. This from the moment they showed symptoms until they recovered. No virus particles were found in these samples, neither by culture nor by genetic analysis.

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The researchers also took samples with a nose and throat swab to check. While the tears were virus-free, it was swarming with the nose and throat of the coronavirus.

The researchers hope with their research to be able to reassure people. However, they continue to insist that everyone must take the necessary protective measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. The scientists are conducting further research.



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