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Top 2 shocking incidents of suicide-by-pilot in Africa

In Africa, Pilot's act of suicide was put under the microscope. Although it is not common, there is a history…

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These 3 deadly serial killers were caught in Africa in 2019

Some of the most intriguing serial killer stories in Africa came from countries such as Nigeria, Botswana, which had previously…

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Richest Kids in Africa: Who are they? find out the top 10

Have you ever wondered, “Who is the richest kid in Africa? The kids of the richest parents in Africa are…

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5 brutal actions of King Leopold II on people of Congo Free State

From 1885 to 1908, King Leopold II took over the Congo. He turned the nation into a money machine by…

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The story of pen!s theft that put African men in fear

Not every story can put the entire country into fear, but the story of Koro thrown the whole of African…

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5 weird forms of ancient currency used in Africa

In modern times in African countries, we take coins and paper money for granted. In antiquity, however, some African tribes…

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These 4 towns were overrun by animal invasion in Africa

In Africa, animals are in many places, but we can live in harmony with them in very few occurrences. In…

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Crazy way people of Benin and Togo explain solar eclipse

In the West African countries, in particular, Benin and Togo, a local popularly known as the Fon, tell a story…

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