African Facts

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Terrible Arab-Muslim slave trade that lasted for 1300 years in Africa

The slave trade in the East and sub-Saharan Africa, practiced by the Arabs, remains unexplored; it even seems to have…

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5 fruits that exist in Africa you probably don’t know

Do you love fruits and can’t get enough of it? When you try to imagine what one of these strange…

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Top 3 missing treasures in Africa you can still find

Do Africa have treasures you can find? The answer is yes! Finding treasure in African soil, and you could get…

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Top 5 crazy bridal preparation customs in Africa

African marriage practices are no easy task, and in some cultures, nothing is left to chance. In some parts of…

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7 captivating truths about Liberia: lack of smokers

July 26 is Liberia’s Independence Day! To celebrate it, we have unearthed seven interesting facts about the West African nation…

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4 border walls in Africa that nobody talks about

When we discuss border walls, the first ones that come to mind are the Berlin Wall, but in Africa, some…

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Top 2 Africa’s fattest former presidents you must know

President of congo is not the most overweight president Africans have seen. Here we look at the top two of…

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Mysterious epidemics that still Mystery in Tanzania and Uganda

Humanity has made great strides to survive and develop medicine and medical technology against pandemic and plagues. But some mysterious…

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