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Conductor obliges 2 young black guys to jump out of train in Egypt

An Egyptian train coach must appear before the court because he forced two young men who had not bought a…

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Violence in Ethiopia: Haile Gebreselassie wants to sue Facebook

Ethiopian track and field legend Haile Gebreselassie wants to sue social media giant Facebook for playing an essential role in…

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400 arrested after deadly demonstrations in Ethiopia

In the demonstrations against Prime Minister and Peace Nobel Prize winner Abiy Ahmed, which killed 78 people, more than 400…

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Comedian held because of this ‘face swap’ with president

A famous comedian from Tanzania is held because he has swapped his face on a photo of President John Magafuli…

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Facebook dismantles Russian misinformation operation in Africa

A major Facebook misinformation campaign targeting eight African countries has been initiated from Russia, the social network says.

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How the border closure in Nigeria affects rice prices

Nigeria, one of the African economic powers, closed its land borders two months ago to fight smuggling but this measure…

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Men ‘always be unfaithful’ – Actress Lawal Moyo advises ladies

Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal is convinced that men will always be unfaithful to whatever a woman does to please them.…

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Land fall in Cameroon: at least 14 dead and 140 missing

Research is continuing at the Ngouache district of Bafoussam in western Cameroon where a landslide occurred in the night of…

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