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Spain hardly cope with flow of corona patients, Germany preparing for ‘big blow’

The drama surrounding the coronavirus is growing above and beyond the heads of countries. Emergency hospitals have to compensate for…

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Life in China recovers but lockdowns and curfews at rest of the world

Life in China is recovering. In Wuhan, shops sell fruit and vegetables again. Zoo opens in Beijing. This regained freedom…

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Number of corona cases worldwide doubled in 12 days: from 100,000 to 200,000

The World Health Organization presented worrying figures about the spread of coronavirus worldwide. “It took 3 months for 100,000 cases…

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Italian Bergamo turns into ghost town: a funeral every half hour

The coronavirus turns the badly hit Bergamo into a ghost town. Only the sirens of ambulances and church bells ring…

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Why children get less sick from coronavirus, except the youngest

Ever since the start of the corona outbreak in China at the end of December, there has been one striking…

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Why epidemics like coronavirus are on the rise

For the past 30 years, the number of outbreaks of the virus has increased and rapidly spreading diseases, such as…

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MMA isn’t a sport for wimps: almost unrecognizable after cage fight

It’s clear that MMA is not a sport for wimps. But the Polish Joanna Jedrzejczyk (32) was very strong last…

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One of the most worrying consequences of climate change has already begun

The ability of tropical forests to remove carbon from the atmosphere is declining. This is demonstrated by a large-scale international…

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