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Sue Radford! The most fertile family in Great Britain

Baby number 22! The most fertile family in Great Britain adds another. However, Sue Radford (44) and her husband Noel…

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18 women on the new Most Wanted list from Europol

Criminals are not only heavy boys, but there are also plenty of women among the needs. With the ‘Crime has…

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World Poverty Day: Is Poverty Really Reducing?

In less than a generation, more than 1.1 billion people have been “lifted out of poverty,” according to the World…

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Woman with baby in her arms found on the bottom of Sea

Woman with baby in her arms found on bottom of Mediterranean Sea after shipwreck in Lampedusa

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Cow with zebra stripes: funny for us, terrifying for flies

An unusual sight: a cow with the stripes of a zebra. However, the above cow was not painted because it…

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Erdogan confirms raid on Syria, what you need to know about the invasion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed via Twitter that the Turkish offensive in northern Syria to reduce Kurdish fighters…

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1896 born monk goes by title oldest man ever: “my secret is never Sex and a lot of yoga”

Swami Sivananda, an Indian man who according to his passport was born on August 8, 1896, and should be 123…

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‘Success photo’ of Ocean Cleanup plastic catcher worries biologists

The photo was meant to radiate success – finally, Boyan Slat’s plastic trap is working – but marine biologists especially…

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