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Fake story of woman without womb, gives birth to quadruplets after 14 years

As reported on a Zambian Accurate Information Facebook page, a woman without womb and had been described as being infertile…

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In Liberia, what is the balance sheet for President George Weah?

The famous former footballer elected to the presidency of Liberia, a year ago to the day, speaks to his compatriots…

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Beast or joy: man’s behaviour reveals how he is in bed

After a few dates you would like to ‘go a step further’. If you look a bit like Bridget Jones,…

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Why gaming is good for you

Meanwhile, we all know the stories about the – largely unproven and at least limited – Influence of video games…

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“The Beast” through the years: from a locomotive to the car

“The Beast” through the years: from a locomotive to the car in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated. They call…

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Discover why some black Africans have blue eyes

It is generally believed that blacks do not have blue eyes. These strikingly coloured eyes have always been associated with…

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2YT4U, Too White For You

The Coded legends printed on T-shirts and divers in favour of white supremacy, against Islamism and immigrants, are all the…

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Finally, scientists understand why female penguins are massively stranding

Researchers from Japan and Argentina think they have solved a strange penguin mystery. For years, thousands of magelha penguins have…

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