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Brands are making fashion out of plastic waste

Since 2009, World Ocean Day has been celebrated on 8 June, a day that only seems to become more topical.…

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As a male athlete, he represents nothing, as a woman, she took the title: “Not fair!”

Eyebrows were scowled during the women’s 400-meter hurdles at the American Championship of the NCAA (National College Athletic Association). The…

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Delfine Persoon leaves the arena in tears after dubious defeat

Delfine Persoon can be proud – she fought for what she was worth. Only the jury did not reward her…

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4,700 years ago our ancestors were in front row at a volcano eruption

Volcanic eruptions are not a new phenomenon. Our ancestors were confronted with it about 5,000 years ago. There was one…

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UFO or foreign threat? American intelligence officer breaks silence

In 2007, America decided to invest in research into alien spacecraft: the program would be called the Advanced Aerospace Threat…

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Role of advert in organization and why it’s inevitable

An Advert is one of the major keys for an organization/firm/industry or company to interact, expose and reveal their products…

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Resignation of Theresa May the tails as Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation. She will resign on June 7 as leader of the Conservative…

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It doesn’t look good for desperate May and her Brexit deal: “Betrayal”

The concessions that British Prime Minister Theresa May offered to Parliament yesterday in exchange for support for her Brexit deal…

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