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Bizarre alimony demands cause ex-Sultan of Malaysia headaches

Divorce causes suffering, the saying goes, and that is certainly the case with Muhammad V (50), the ex-sultan of Malaysia.…

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Discovered a new kind of flying dinosaur that looks like a dragon

A new species of pterosaurs, a prehistoric flying dinosaur, has been found in the Australian outback. The discovery suggests that…

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Japanese probe sends small robots to explore asteroid, searching for origins of life

The unmanned Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 sent a small capsule to float over the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, confirms the…

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Man loses hands and legs by dog saliva, scientists find genetic cause

The hands and legs of 48-year-old American Greg Manteufel had to be removed last year after he got a life-threatening…

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Alarming study on oceans warming up faster: scientists made a mistake

The scientific journal ‘Nature’ drops a climate study that claimed that the oceans are warming much more than the UN…

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How OK gesture suddenly became a right-wing extremist hate symbol

It once started as an internet joke: the ok gesture is a symbol of racists and white supremacists. After the…

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Greta Thunberg tackles world leaders with angry speech

At the climate summit in New York, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg gave a clear message to world leaders. “How…

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Adele knows why she filed for divorce: “I was not born for happiness”

Although they had been living apart for some time, Adele (31) has now made the break with her husband Simon…

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