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How I escaped from White House – Michelle Obama

The former first lady, Michelle Obama was so keen to celebrate with her fellow citizens the legalization of gay marriage…

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What is actually written about the brexit in the withdrawal agreement?

Whether it is ever ratified and comes into force or not, the draft agreement on the departure of the United…

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24 villages were wiped out during the Great War but never rebuilt

In France, a hundred years after the end of the First World War, there are dozens of haunted villages. All…

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Language as a culture in Nigeria

The relationship between language, food and culture in a society is inseparable. Language is the bedrock through which individual groups…

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Sensual touch to life: the core human value at the age of uncertainty

We live in the age of uncertainty and change, when many of the human values and ways of doing things…

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1 month after the murder of Khashoggi: 3 key questions remain unanswered

Exactly a month ago, the world famous journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. He visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul that…

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“Hit him, hit harder”: India is faced with an increasing number of hate crimes

After the Indian Hindu nationalist, Narendra Modi was appointed prime minister in 2014, the number of hate crimes rose. In…

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Creepy stories behind long lost body parts of celebrities

On All Saints and All Souls, relatives and friends remember the dead. They usually visit a cemetery for this, although…

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