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Meghan’s decision that breaks the real protocol

The Prince Harry (34) and Meghan Markle (37) wants everything runs smoothly on the day of her birth, so is…

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Dyatlov: Russians again under the spell of horror on ‘dead mountain’

The Russian television and public prosecutor reopen the perhaps greatest mystery of Russia: the Dyatlov pass incident, in which nine…

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Mass mortality after US colonization may have caused climate change

Because of the colonization of the American continent, so many people died that the climate of the earth was disturbed…

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Despite all scandals: Facebook continues to grow considerably

Facebook continues to grow substantially, despite the privacy scandals with which the social media company has to deal. According to…

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How Alexander the Great (32) died under mysterious circumstances

Alexander the Great (32) died under mysterious circumstances. Now we would finally know what and why his body began to…

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Obesity, malnutrition and climate change: 3 biggest threats to the world’s population

Obesity, malnutrition and climate change are the three biggest threats to the world’s population. These, at first sight, very different…

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Grief of Jose and Vicky: after their first son Oliver, also lost Julen

Until recently they were still four, the Rosello-Garcia family: Papa Jose and Mama Victoria and their sons Oliver and Julen.…

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Fake story of woman without womb, gives birth to quadruplets after 14 years

As reported on a Zambian Accurate Information Facebook page, a woman without womb and had been described as being infertile…

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