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Bob (59) has visited more than 100 doctors: none were able to make a diagnosis

He suffers from insomnia because he has to go to the bathroom every hour and a half. His blood pressure…

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Greek scientist boasts with achievements at NASA, but some detective brings truth to light

In recent years, 31-year-old Greek Eleni Antoniadou has been praised for her scientific work in her home country and abroad.…

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Saudi Arabia confident that the arrival of US troops will boost security of the region

The Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs charged Tehran and stated that “the world must take responsibility for protecting…

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Blacker than black: scientists discover blackest material ever

Not whiter than white, but blacker than black. Researchers have discovered the darkest material ever. It captures a whopping 99.995…

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“Is this the most dangerous chicken in Britain?”

There is a hard blow this morning to opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in the British newspapers. He refused to support…

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Teenager blind and deaf by extremely one-sided eating habits

A 19-year-old boy from the southwestern English city of Bristol became wholly blind and hearing impaired two years ago because…

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“Catastrophic damage” and killing in Bahamas after hurricane crossing, Florida braces itself

Hurricane Dorian went ashore full force yesterday on the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas and is currently racing across…

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Chinese ‘superfilling’ just as hard as real tooth enamel

Chinese scientists have discovered a way to ‘grow’ tooth enamel – the hardest material in the human body – back.…

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