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Are progress and inequalities incompatible?

After the great financial crisis of 2008, income inequality became an obsession for all those who felt abandoned by the…

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What Bollore risks for its “dangerous liaisons” in Africa

Vincent Bollore, one of the 10 great fortunes of France, CEO of the Bollore Group and pillar of Françafrique, is…

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Why cut Africa from e-learning?

When analysing the challenges of e-learning, there is a tendency to focus on the issue of access: difficulty in accessing…

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Africa: dangerous abuses of amnesties of the leaders!

Ousted from power for suspected corruption, Jacob Zuma will appear to respond to charges against him. This situation, which reminds…

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DRC: Geneva conference, startling or undermining sovereignty?

In Geneva, this Friday, April 13, the UN, the European Union and the Netherlands are organizing a donor conference for…

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Entrepreneurship in Africa: from quantity to quality

If you were asked who of the two countries, United States or Uganda, has the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity?…

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Why are African parliaments ineffective?

Over-billing of the maintenance of 200 vehicles of Senegalese parliamentarians; diversion of about 1.65 trillion Ariary to Madagascar; Senate budget…

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Africa: the secrets of wealth creation

In recent decades, hundreds of millions of people have emerged from poverty to form a powerful global middle class. This…

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