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US loses military dominance in Pacific to China according to experts

The United States no longer has a military dominance in the Pacific and will find it increasingly difficult to protect…

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Why Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar denied entry to Israel?

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were the first Muslim women in United States history to get a seat in the…

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US Scientists are bickering over studies that map police brutality against ethnic minorities

After numerous incidents in which police violence against African-Americans raised a lot of questions, the subject was extensively studied by…

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Christchurch as an example, attack perpetrator copied

Life in Christchurch stands still again today. The extension of the custody of Brenton Tarrant evokes the horrible memory of…

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Not married, no children. What happens to multi-millionaire Epstein assets?

While the questions about the conspiracy theories about Epstein’s death remain unresolved, attention is once again shifting to the following…

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Kenyan wife of missing golf magnate interrogated by detectives

The disappearance of golf magnate Tob Cohen (69) in Kenya damages the image of the East African country. Kenyan elites…

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What’s going on in Hong Kong? 5 questions answered

For the tenth weekend in a row, thousands of protesters have come to the streets in Hong Kong to protest…

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These celebrities are in Epstein’s notorious black booklet

Now that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is suspected of child abuse and human trafficking, has died, it looks like his…

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