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11 African leaders that pitifully died in office [Photos]

11 African leaders died in the office between 2008 and 2014. Two of the African leaders, Joao Bernardo Vieira of…

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Is Africa Condemned To Dirty Diesel?

The level of the sulfur content of fuel sold in Africa is 378 times higher than that sold in Europe.…

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Thierry Sabine lost in desert, created Dakar and died in desert

Seeing the face of death must be a hinge in the life of any person. Thierry Sabine knew it well,…

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Diversifying Oil and Gas Sector through Increased Gas Utilization

The exploration and production of oil in Nigeria started over five decades ago and in recent years, I have watched…

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Nigeria: The Obsession of Lying In Politics

Why ethics seems to prevail in all branches of knowledge, in all disciplines, professions or jobs, with the exception of…

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The Conquest of Nigeria: Yoruba Land

Nigeria before the coming of the British Colonist consisted of many towns, villages, Chiefdoms, Kingdoms, ethnic groups and city-states. Each…

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Air trafficking: Why a total marginalization of Africa?

African air traffic accounts for only 3% of world traffic. This figure is a challenge on a continent in full…

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Gender Inequality and Discrimination of Women in Conflict Resolution in Africa

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), gender can be defined in the following words: “…the qualities with men…

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