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20 years in jail for nanny who got pregnant with child she was babysitting

Tampa court sentenced the former nanny, now 28 years old, to 20 years in prison. When the truth broke, Marissa…

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Front pages of Australian newspapers are blacked out in protest

Australian newspapers today are jointly expressing their protest against the increasing restrictions on the freedom of the press. The front…

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Mother sees ‘ghost’ next to sleeping baby

An American woman got a fright of her life on Friday when she saw a ‘ghost’ next to her sleeping…

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84-year-old war veteran amazes airport staff in betting on prints

The 84-year-old war veteran Maggi DeSanti challenged an officer at Arizona airport last Tuesday for a game of exercises from…

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Students put carton box on the head during the exam

A school has fallen into the eye of the storm after photos went viral showing students sitting in the classroom…

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Husband cuts private part of a man abusing his wife

A 27-year-old Australian has cut off the private part of his wife’s assailant in Ukraine. The man was on his…

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Mother of 4 children electrocuted after smartphone falls into tub

In Dinant’s hospital, a mother (30) of four children was killed last weekend due to electrocution. The woman probably dropped…

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Missing man is in a car all week driving down the abyss

A man who had been missing for a week was found alive in the American state of Missouri. Software developer…

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