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Bethany wants to cook eggs in microwave: “I followed instructions on the internet, now I risk permanent damage to my eye”

The eye of a British young lady was badly damaged after a stupid accident in the kitchen. Bethany Rosser wanted…

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Israel bombarded Hamas plants after rocket attack

Fighters of the Israeli army attacked installations of Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip last night. According to military…

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After a year the US finally has a new ambassador in Mexico

The new American ambassador Christopher Landau arrived in Mexico on Friday. The post was vacant for more than a year…

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Deadly selfie: woman (27) falls from 30-meter high cliff while taking photo

A 27-year-old woman died after falling off a cliff in the eastern part of Sydney. The emergency services were still…

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“Easy Rider” – actor Peter Fonda (79) died

American actor Peter Fonda, who became famous for his role in the 1969 cult film “Easy Rider”, died at home…

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After storm of protest: emaciated elephant no longer has to walk in parade in Sri Lanka

An emaciated elephant no longer has to walk along in a parade in Sri Lanka after a storm of protest…

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Netanyahu: “Germany will pay Holocaust survivors extra”

Germany will make more payments to the survivors of the Holocaust. That is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced…

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Parent apologize for describing Ohio shooter as “intelligent with a sweet smile”

“Funny, intelligent with clear blue eyes and a sweet smile,” is how Connor Betts (24) is described in his obituary.…

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