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Woman swallows engagement ring during nightmare: “I woke up with an empty finger”

A 29-year-old American woman who, during a terrifying nightmare, dreamed that she had to swallow her engagement ring in a…

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Doctor recommends 14 days leave for employee due to his sick dog

A Belgian Dutch employer almost choked on his coffee when he saw a doctor’s note saying ‘14 days absent due…

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Man (60) accidentally slits his throat during sword-fighting

Man accidentally slits his throat during sword fighting at Indian parade. The 60-year-old Indian would have accidentally killed himself on…

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Grandma scares off-speed devils with a hairdryer as a speedometer

Patti Baumgartner, a grandmother from Montana in the United States, has found an original way to deter and slow down…

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Man gets parachute jump as gift from his wife and falls to pieces

A parachute jump that a 55-year-old Briton received as a gift from his wife in honor of their 30-year marriage…

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Russian priests sprinkle holy water from plane to cure alcoholism in the city

Three Russian Orthodox priests have sprinkled 70 liters of holy water over the city of Tver from a sports plane…

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Hallucinatory images of how US Air Force completely wipes IS shelter

The US Air Force has dropped around 40 tons of laser-driven bombs over the Iraqi province of Salah ad-Din. The…

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Extreme cyclist breaks record on 37 floors of hotel in Berlin

A Pole has broken his own Guinness record in Berlin with a unique bicycle. Krystian Herba (38) rode up and…

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