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Stripteaseuse leaves daughter (3) in the car for 3hrs to go to work

A young American mother left her daughter (3) in the car for three hours to work in a strip club.…

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Mayor instructs residents to laugh and be happy for a week

Residents of a French municipality near the Atlantic coast, have been imposed remarkable new municipal regulations. They have to laugh…

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Saudi Arabia shows “evidence”: “Iran is irrefutably behind attacks”

At a press conference, the Saudi government showed fragments of the drones and other weapons allegedly used in the attack…

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Climate activists hijack London fashion week

On the last day of London Fashion Week, the climate action group Extinction Rebellion organised a fake funeral to discuss…

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Man parks wrongly after which his car is enclosed by shopping trolleys

Before you park your car in the wrong place, just because it’s easier, you better think twice. A customer of…

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The US deployed bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan horribly abused

The US bomb-sniffing dogs that are deployed to foreign governments to help fight terrorism there, often go through hell on…

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Video shows how sheep “do the impossible” on vertical rock face walk up and down

An American biologist has shared images on Twitter of a herd of blue sheep descending an almost perpendicular rock face…

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Parents hide child’s gender for 17 months: “He or she can choose what it will be”

A couple from Keynsham in southwest England has been keeping the gender of their baby Anoush secret from the outside…

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