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Mexico’s finance minister grim-faced during job acceptance

A viral video went on the internet in which Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez appointed Oburo Arturo Herrera as new…

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Woman sends holiday photo to parents but accidentally shows more than she wanted

A British woman who was on holiday in Turkey with her boyfriend and wanted to send a selfie to her…

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Drama on cruise ship gets tail: family is suing the company

The drama on a cruise ship in Puerto Rico last weekend, in which a toddler died tragically, gets a tail.…

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Man wants to set world record by sitting on toilet seat for 150 hours

After a world record has been set and an attempt to break the record, Jimmy De Frenne from Austria is…

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Every week autistic boy (6) is waiting for his best friends: waste collectors

Meet Noah Cooper, the 6-year-old American boy who warms the hearts of many through the help of his special friendship…

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“Horn pierced my neck”: man tells how selfie was almost fatal during Pamplona’s bull run

His wife did not want him to run. His friends didn’t want him to run. But Jaime Alvarez, a 46-year-old…

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Daniel became heavily mutilated after girlfriend poured out corrosive acid on him

Fairy tales really do exist: Daniel Rotariu (33) was the victim of an acid attack almost three years ago, now…

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Uncle Fatty: Caregivers fear the life of world-famous obesity monkey

Employees of an animal shelter in the Thai capital Bangkok fear the life of Uncle Fatty: a 20-year-old long-tailed macaque…

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