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Wary “bump” in pants of driver: officer finds four living(!) Kittens

At the border control in Singapore, officers looked strange when they intercepted a traveler with a striking “bump” in his…

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Woman who has been in a coma for 14 years, gave birth: topman gets off

The head of the private nursing home in the American Phoenix, where a woman gave birth while in a deep…

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Man (20) arrested for hacking personal data of German politicians

In Germany, a 20-year-old young man has been arrested in connection with the large-scale hacking of personal data of German…

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He tried to steal the cell phone of UFC fighter and ended up

The event occurred on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian lady, Polyana Viana dominated the assailant and held him…

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Woman risks fine after hitting Afghan migrant in the face

A 21-year-old woman from Switzerland risks a fine after she hit an Afghan migrant in the face during a New…

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Italian government supports the protest of ‘yellow vests’ against Macron

The Italian government supports the protest of the yellow vests in France. This is evidenced by a blog written by…

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“I’m scared”: says the 13-year-old girl that is pregnant in Torreon

A girl of thirteen years became pregnant after being in relationships for the first time with her boyfriend, under fourteen…

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little dog is taking her last breath to save her puppies

The little dog is taking her last breath to save her puppies. What a mother’s love for her children. A…

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