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Video of 30 nuns released after being snowed in for 10 days

Thirty nuns could be liberated yesterday after their monastery was shut down for ten days from the outside world. The…

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Eclipse, Supermoon and Blood moon will appear same time this year

The natural spectacle will start on Sunday night or Monday at dawn, depending on the place, and will last approximately…

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Britons laugh a break with auto crash of Prince Philip

The British Prince Philip is the talk of the day on social media. The 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth stepped…

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SAS soldier who saved lives in Kenya followed 3 deadly principles

Who dares to win. That is the motto of the British SAS, the most specialized military unit in the world.…

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Belgian woman abducted by six Tunisians: “Tied and molested for 2 months”

The Italian court is conducting an investigation into abhorrent facts about which a Belgian woman (32) has fallen victim in…

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Do you need a place under the sun? Sicilian town sells houses at 1 euro

Need a dash of sun to get through the winter? Sambuca in Sicily can help you with a dose of…

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Irish woman swallows complete strip of painkillers with packaging

When a woman from Northern Ireland got pain a while ago, she decided to take a painkiller. Not a pill,…

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80-year-old woman has been driving without a license for 60 years

An 80-year-old Groningen lady has been driving without a license for sixty years. Today she finally ran into the lamp.…

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