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Lady married her father-in-law and ex-boyfriend of her sister

A young woman made a splash on the web as she recounted how she married her stepfather and her revelation…

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Furthest object ever in our solar system: the rosy dwarf planet ‘Farout’

Astronomers have discovered a new celestial body with the Japanese Subaru telescope on Hawaii. It is the most distant object…

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Economic growth of G20 is declining

Economic growth in the G20, the group of the world’s most important economies, is weakening. This was reported by the…

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European negotiators tighten up rules for CO2 emissions

Negotiators from the European Parliament and the Member States have reached an agreement Monday on tightening the emission standards for…

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Thai thief lures jeweller successfully to his fake jewellery store

The remarkable theft of a diamond in the Thai capital Bangkok reads like a film scenario: a criminal briefly rented…

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Kurds conquer last city in former IS caliphate

With the conquest of Hajin in Syria, the Islamic State loses its last urban stronghold. With that, after three years…

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Saudi Arabia rejects US Senate resolutions

Saudi Arabia sharply condemned the vote of two resolutions last week in the US Senate. The American senators decided among…

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Dolphin carved with name, washes up on the beach

In the Spanish seaside town of Roquetas de Mar, a mutilated dolphin was washed up on the beach on Friday.…

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