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Harry and Meghan disappointed in harsh Megxit conditions: “All their plans fall into the water”

Meghan and Harry are disappointed in the harsh terms that the British Queen has imposed for the Megxit. They will…

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I trusted my wife 100% but she deceived me secretly

“I trusted her for one hundred percent,” Maxim (38) said, who had a baby with his wife Yana after a…

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Man stabbed in a mosque in London

In the center of London, a man was stabbed in the Central Mosque in Regents Park. The incident occurred just…

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Man who survived the attack in Hanau tells a horrible story

A testimony has emerged from a man who survived one of the two shootings in Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany. Nine…

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Mum films terrible consequences of bullying her dwarfed son

An Australian boy with dwarfism (9) is being treated so heavily by his classmates that he would instead want to…

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Family drama shocks Australia: rugby player sets fire to wife and children

Australia has been under the spell of a family drama since this morning. Rowan Baxter, a former rugby pro, killed…

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UK wants to ban low-skilled immigrants after Brexit

UK is out of the EU, it will no longer issue visas to low-skilled workers. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government…

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Computer pioneer and inventor of the copy and paste has died

American computer pioneer Larry Tesler died on Monday at the age of 74. Tesler came up with a way to…

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