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Slogan of your t-shirt informs about your personality

The slogan of a t-shirt sends a message and probably as you read this article you wear one of these…

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World breastfeeding week: these stars proudly breastfeed

This week is the World breastfeeding week. The initiative was created by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action to draw…

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‘Dirty Dancing’: passion on and off the dance floor

One of the feel-good cinema hits of the late 1980s was undoubtedly the romantic dance film ‘Dirty Dancing’. Jennifer Gray…

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Bizarre deaths, conspiracy theories: these mysteries keep Hollywood under control.

People who suddenly disappear, just like that. Bizarre deaths. Enigmatic plots. Conspiracy theories. In this new series, the weekly TV…

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Photographer witnessing unlikely thriller at sea: “once in your life”

Capture at the right time and taking the most extraordinary picture of your career: it is certainly not given to…

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British model marries her dog after 4 engagements and 200 failed dates

A special broadcast for the British morning show ‘This Morning’. In it, 49-year-old Elizabeth Hoad married her golden retriever Logan.…

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Sarah Jessica Parker: “My heart is broken, this hurts so much”

The ongoing fight between Sarah Jessica Parker (54) and Kim Cattrall has already been the subject of a lot of…

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Naomi Campbell showed the door in French hotel: “Because of my skin color”

Naomi Campbell (49) has told Paris Match magazine how she and a friend were recently denied access to a party…

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