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Does covid-19 originate from the wild animal market in Wuhan?

From the beginning of the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, a finger was pointed at a wildlife market…

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Can you become infected with coronavirus through food?

The coronavirus is highly contagious and can survive for several hours outside the human body. Can foods also infect us…

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“I love him, but he lives in a studio… What will I do?”

He gives me all the attention I needed. Though he is cute, neat and spends all his cash on me,…

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WhatsApp limits the forwarding of messages in the fight against fake news

As of today, you can only forward ‘often shared’ messages on WhatsApp to one person at a time. According to…

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How major smartphone brands drive consumers quite crazy

Every spring the big brands relaunch a load of top smartphones, with better screens and better cameras and better batteries…

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Scientists turn coronavirus into a dash of (relaxing) music

Everyone has seen the image of the new coronavirus but have you heard it? After all, scientists have succeeded in…

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Over 250,000 people worldwide cured of coronavirus, 870 from Africa

A message that should give us all hope: more than 250,000 people worldwide have now recovered from the coronavirus. Of…

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These fake posts of coronavirus and other claims to ignore

Whether it’s a message on your uncle’s account or a picture your friend shared, false stories about the coronavirus seem…

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