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How to live with a cat when you’re allergic?

After the international cat day, we put the cat in the flowers. Nevertheless, in two-thirds of cases, cat is responsible…

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This new and dangerous cyber attack is just delivered by mail

A new kind of cyber attack can just be delivered in the mail by malicious people. The package contains a…

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Fans outraged: is Disney going too far with reboot ‘Home Alone’?

On Tuesday, Disney boss Bob Iger announced that the company will make a reboot of the Christmas film ‘Home Alone’.…

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Facebook drags click fraudsters to court

Facebook is starting a lawsuit against two app builders. The app developers infected smartphones from unsuspecting people with malicious programs.…

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These are the 4 most common causes of divorce

Couples who divorce have long been no exception. But the reasons why they break up after a few years often…

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Instagram and WhatsApp are now officially called ‘from Facebook’

Instagram and WhatsApp undergo a “rebranding”. From now on they get a new name where the name of parent company…

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You can now play chess against your Tesla

Anyone who has a Tesla in the garage can now play chess against their car. It is one of the…

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Hair loss when Ashley uses new shampoo: “bald head is a story”

Panic outdo an American family: after Ashley Rose had taken a shower, her hair suddenly started to fall out en…

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