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These foods rich in antioxidants increase the risk of cancer

Antioxidant-rich foods such as black tea, chocolate, nuts, and red fruits may increase the risk of certain cancers

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The dangers of eating watermelon listed by a nutritionist

As watermelon season is fast approaching, a Russian nutritionist has revealed that it can cause weight gain and advised people…

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Why choose a wirelessly rechargeable smartphone?

Do you also dislike cables everywhere or cables that you do not find or that have become hopelessly tangled? If…

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This is the first car ever with a rear seat airbag

Even before the new Mercedes-Benz S-class has been unveiled, it already in history books. The German top-of-the-range limousine is the…

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Job application ahead? This way you make flawless impression in 5 steps

Applying is an art, and you better master it if you are looking for a nice new job, with these…

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Do you want to stay young? Then avoid these foods

As consumption of red meat, which is rich in iron, affects life expectancy, a nutritionist advises eating plenty of fruits…

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That is why there are black dots along the edge of your car windows

You may have noticed: there are hundreds of black dots along the edge of your car windows. They are not…

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With these instant cameras you can make blissful polaroid photos

Since the breakthrough of digital photography, and then the smartphone, we mainly take photos to store them on our devices…

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