Danish dog gets just 19 pups:
©Kingman Animal Hospital

A sweet invasion Saturday at the Kingman Animal Hospital in Arizona: Danish dog Cleo gave birth on a cesarean section of no less than 19 (!) Puppies. Mama and little ones are healthy and well.

“Bringing so many puppies into the world was really a team effort,” says the staff of the animal hospital.

“The staff of KAH (11 of us) successfully delivered 19 Great Dane puppies this morning by C Section!.” “Normally this dog type does not get more than ten puppies at a time,” adds Erika Agone, the vet who performed the cesarean section.

Danish dog gets just 19 pups: "They just kept coming"
©Kingman Animal Hospital

“In this case, that is almost double. The power of dogs did not seem to stop. They just kept coming.”


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