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Diane Rwigara, critics of President Paul Kagame acquitted

The Rwandan High Court acquitted Diane Rwigara, a critic of President Paul Kagame for instigating insurgency and falsifying documents.

The opponent was facing up to 22 years in prison for what she said when she announced her candidacy against Paul Kagame in the 2017 elections.

But the court ruled Thursday that the evidence provided was not sufficient to convict Ms. Rwigara and her mother.

The court found that Diane Rwigara’s criticisms of the government, including at press conferences, did not constitute “incitement to insurrection” because they are part of her right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Rwandan Constitution and international laws.

Diane Rwigara has always maintained that the charges against her were of a political nature. President Paul Kagame has been constantly criticized for his propensity to stifle democratic freedoms. But he is also praised for the stability and economic growth of Rwanda since the 1994 genocide.



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