Do you remember Monica Murillo, queen of Hi5? How she looks

Do you remember Monica Murillo, the then queen of Hi5? This is how she looks, and this is what she does.

Though some will not know the queen of Hi5: Monica Murillo, before the existence of Facebook and began to take over, social networks such as Hi5, Fotolog, and Metroflog were top-rated among young people.

As in any era, the sexy girl could not be missed, who everyone followed or wanted to imitate. Today it is even said that if you didn’t have Monica Murillo on your social networks, you did not have fantastic childhood.

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Tu mi profundo cielo azul 🤍💙👉🏻

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Monica is a young Sonoran woman who, at the young age of 16, became the ‘queen of Hi5’ – and of any other similar page – due to the large number of followers that she had and the dozens of false accounts that claimed to be the authentic one.

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When these social networks were getting behind the front page, she also migrated from one page to another. She may not have been so lucky to be the ‘queen’ of Instagram as well, but at 28, she continues to steal sighs from her more than 170,000 followers in her official account, as they all agree that she is much prettier today than in 2008.

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Take me to the ocean ☀️🌊

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Besides dedicating herself to modeling and television, those were not Monica Murillo’s only priorities, since she also took her time to study a law degree at the University of Sonora, and she already has her law degree.

The queen Murillo also appears sporadically acting in music videos of northern bands such as La Retadora de Hermosillo or Ali & Máximo.

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As if that weren’t enough, in her publications, she also takes the opportunity to promote weight-loss products, jewelry, clothing, and swimwear.

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feliz inicio de fin de semana ✌🏻✨

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Girl Boss ⚡️💗 👉🏻

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