A drunken thief tumbled into an empty pool in Uccle during his flight attempt. The man and his two companions were caught. They put it on a walk to escape from the security operatives, but the drunken thief had not seen the pool. The unfortunate man broke his leg.

Uccle District

The residents of a villa in the Uccle district of Dieweg in Belgium, had woken up on Wednesday night because of the noise that the burglars made, reports Bruzz. One of the residents informed the police and when they arrived, the trio struck the flight through the garden. The trio were drunk but they could not notice the was a pool near the garden.

Drunken thief

One of them, however, had not noticed the pool, tumbled into it and broke his leg. Unfortunately for the drunken thief, there was no water for the man. His companions stayed with their friend, so the police could easily charge the trio. They turned out to be drunk.

Empty pool

Drunken thief dives into empty pool during flight attempt in Uccle
©Getty – Empty pool


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