Ebola claims 1,905 deaths in a year in Congo

In a year 1,905 people died of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A further 844 patients in the country have been declared cured of the infectious virus. This is clear from the figures published by the Congolese health authorities on Thursday.

The Ebola epidemic was officially declared on August 1, 2018. “Since the onset of the epidemic, the number of cases has stood at 2,842, of which 2,748 confirmed and 94 suspected.”

“In total there are 1,905 deaths (1,811 confirmed and 94 suspected) and 844 people are healed,” according to the ministry of health in its report on the state of the disease.

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The epidemic has so far been restricted to the province of North Kivu (with the cities of Beni, Butembo-Katwa, Goma) and marginally present in the province of Ituri. In addition, two cases have been registered in neighboring country Uganda.


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