Esperanza Gomez is one of the most popular erot!c actresses in social networks, so that each of her photographs do not go unnoticed by Internet users.

A few days after the end of 2018, Esperanza Gomez decided to remember with her admirers the photographs she most enjoyed that year. On December 31, the sensual woman reminded her fans how she looked before starting in adult cinema.

When the Colombian woman was not yet dedicated to erot!c!sm, she did not have the prominent breasts that now seduce her followers; however, she did have a shapely silhouette and the beautiful face that she still has.

Esperanza Gomez, 35 years old, ventured into the P-graphics at age 26, and since then has collaborated in different magazines for men. No doubt that her Instagram fans were left speechless to see how Esperanza Gómez looked in the past: “You have always been, you are and you will be a divine chocolate”; “It has always been very beautiful”; “You were always, you are and you will be the most beautiful woman who has ever walked on the Earth. I adore you” [sic].

The postcard obtained more than 170 thousand ‘like’ and was accompanied by the following legend: “On the last day of the year I want to remember the photos that I enjoy the most after sharing them with you, as for example is from my youth …”.

Look here at the burning image of Esperanza Gomez’s past:


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