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Family drama in Varsenare: mother kills three young children

In the West Flanders Varsenare, a borough of Jabbeke, the police have started an investigation into a family drama.

The mother of the family rode around 2 hours on purpose against a bridge pier on the E40. She told the emergency services that she had killed her children at home.

The emergency services rushed to the house but could only determine the death of the three young children.

Family drama in Varsenare: mother kills three young children

It is a woman of around thirty years. At the woman’s home, the lifeless bodies of three young children were found. All the help came too late for them. The children are between 0 and 4 years old.

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Nothing is known yet about the woman’s motive. The investigating judge and a drop-off team are currently on the spot. The woman has been arrested.



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