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From burn to beauty: Amazing change of gas explosion victim

Olayinka Matthews suffers severe burn after faith struck on her with a gas explosion. The survived beauty shared her fantastic transformation photos to celebrate her birthday.

Olayinka Matthews was burned due to the explosion of gas on June 8, 2013, when a gas cylinder in her kitchen exploded while she was cooking.

Olayinka’s body was severely burned in the fire, and she was in a coma for two days. When she regained consciousness, she considered suicide and begged the doctor to inject her with a substance that would kill her.

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Today, she is beautiful, and her skin shows no sign of the burns or scares she suffered. On social media, the beauty queen shared her photos of amazing transformation. In the pictures, she explained what she looked like lying in her hospital bed after the gas explosion. And other images of how beautiful she looks currently.

From burn to beauty: Amazing change of gas explosion victim

Yinky revealed that: “I have posted a lot of my burns pictures”, she begins her story. Despite the burn, she never gives up. But, she never dared to “post the first picture after the gas explosion!” She sounds.

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From burn to beauty: Amazing change of gas explosion victim

“Today I summon the courage to post my Testimony in full,” she continues. “I survived what someone actually planned and wished me, but today I’m stronger braver and an inspiration.” “This picture is evidence that there is a God that still does wonders!” She boasted. Yet, she still celebrates another birthday and gives thanks to the Lord Jesus, who, according to her, “despite all my imperfections, has loved me perfectly!” she concluded.

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