One of the most beloved singers in Mexico, Gloria Trevi on her recent presentation caused shame to her fanatic who was dishevelled in front of the audience. Fortunately, it wasn’t a fight as you may think, but a comical accident that caused the singer’s laughter while offering his show.

Gloria can be seen giving the worst moment to her follower, who is in the front row and approach the singer, asks her to take a selfie together; The Trevi accepts and as her fan approaches, incidentally pulls her ponytail, the wig that simulated more hair.

Gloria Trevi dishevel fan in full concert [Video] 1
©Instagram – Gloria Trevi

The situation made the audience not stop laughing, even when her victim continued to settle down to take the emotional selfie. The singer immediately apologized to the woman for the embarrassment, she then hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then continue with the show.

The clip was shared by Instagram account La Mana Mx, which is dedicated to giving exclusive news of the show. The video has obtained more than 9 thousand reproductions and more than a thousand comments in which those of a comic nature stand out.

“If it is very funny but also I do not want to imagine the shame what Senora Gloria Trevi felt for having taken off her wig”. Hahahaha forbidden to bring wigs to the concert! Jajajaj” a follower comment.

Although the situation was painful, Trevi showed her professionalism despite the fact that the staff and she could not stop laughing.


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