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Heavily armed Taliban certainly kill 17 Afghan security troops

In case of heavy fighting in the province of Samangan, in the north of Afghanistan, at least 17 police officers and staff of the secret services were killed according to the local authorities report.

Also, the boss of the secret service of the police in the province would be with the victims. How many members of the security services were injured is not yet clear.

The radical-Islamic Taliban raided several checkpoints tonight, reportedly with the most modern weapons and equipment. The checkpoints were destroyed, and the Taliban took off with various police cars, motorcycles and a truck with fruit.

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Security in the province of Samangan has greatly improved over the past few months. The Taliban take in particular smaller, static checkpoints from the Afghan government. President Ashraf Ghani recently proposed to convert it into so-called flying checkpoints, and to pool smaller units so that they could better defend themselves.

Source: Aljazeera



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