© REUTERS - Demonstrators argue against the new labor law.

Angry Hungarians took to the streets again yesterday to demonstrate against the government. Some 3,000 demonstrators gathered outside the parliament in the capital city of Budapest and later blocked one of the bridges over the Danube.

The demonstrators chanted slogans like “Orbán, walk to hell” and “dirty Fidesz”. At the parliament building, the police put tear gas in, when the demonstrators succeeded in breaking through a police barricade.

The Hungarians are angry about legislation that the parliament adopted on Wednesday and that allows employers to have their employees work up to 400 hours unpaid every year, much more than before. Critics speak of a ‘slave law’.

Administrative Supreme Court
The parliament also agreed with plans to set up a new administrative high court, under the direct supervision of the Minister of Justice. It is feared that the independence of the judiciary will be undermined and the legal position of citizens will deteriorate.


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