Hyundai launches the world’s first fingerprint scanner to open and start a car. The technology debuts in the new Hyundai Santa Fe, which will be on the market in the first quarter of 2019.

To unlock the vehicle, the driver must place a finger on the sensor on the door handle. If the fingerprint is recognized, the doors can be opened. To start the engine, the start button is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Some personal settings can also be linked to the fingerprint data, such as the position of the driver’s seat and the door mirrors that are then automatically set to the correct position. Hyundai also wants to link the temperature of the climate control, the position of the steering wheel and all sorts of other personal settings to a fingerprint.

Hyundai launches the world's first fingerprint scanner to open and start the car 1

The probability that a different fingerprint is recognized than that of the driver is only 1 in 50,000. This makes the fingerprint scanner five times more effective than a conventional car key and smart keyless starter systems. In addition, the system is improved with each fingerprint scan by the Dynamic Update system to increase the recognition rate.


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