“If you oppose rape, stop breastfeeding boys!” – activist said

Scholar, Activist, fighting for intersectional feminist social justice, Shaykha Alia, has talked about breastfeeding and its effects to the male child on her twitter page.

According to her tweets, breastfeeding a male child automatically leads him to become a rapist. She said they thought how to touch a woman’s body.

She proposes to stop breastfeeding a child in other to curb rape. “If you breastfeed your sons, you are training them to be rapists when they grow up. You’re basically teaching them that they can touch a woman’s body whenever they want.

“If you oppose rape, stop breastfeeding your sons!”, she concluded.

Her tweet below:

Shortly after she tweeted it, her fans strongly criticized her, below are some of her fans that replied her tweet:



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