Kylie Jenner has a shopping problem

If you are the youngest billionaire ever, you can occasionally let it go. Exactly that is what Kylie Jenner (22) does. The reality star and entrepreneur shared some videos on her Instagram page showing the harvest of a recent shopping session. “I have a problem,” Kylie added.

When Kylie Jenner goes shopping, she does it right right away. During her shopping session, she purchased different pairs of shoes.

People magazine was able to identify Gucci sandals from $1,250 in the video, sandals from Bottega Veneta from $ 690 and two pairs of pumps from Balenciaga, each from $ 995. Kylie immediately added the new shoes to her closet, which is organized by brand and colour.

That the young reality star has a preference for clothing and accessories can also be seen in other parts of the house.

Her interior designer said earlier that Kylie has a ‘normal’ wardrobe and a wardrobe with only sports clothing. Besides, she has a particular room for her more than four hundred designer handbags and a fitting room where she can try out her outfits.

Kylie Jenner has a shopping problem



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