Kylie Jenner’s fans angry about a costly car of $3 million

Kylie Jenner has induced the resentment of her followers by sharing photos and videos of her new car. The white Bugatti Chiron cost the cosmetics entrepreneur about 3 million dollars.

The 22-year-old posted a video of her new car with an orange interior and added several Halloween emojis. In her Instagram Stories, she showed that she made her first trip through Los Angeles in the car.

However, many of her followers felt that she was bragging too much and that 3 million is a costly amount to spend on a car. According to The Blast, they left comments like “How can you justify this to yourself when there are also people who don’t have food?” and “Another car. Some people have trouble making ends meet. I’m happy for her, but when will it be enough?”

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Kylie apparently took the comment on board: later on Sunday, she removed the posts about the car. She did not respond to the criticism.



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